How To Build Customer Loyalty

What Is The Purpose of Advertising?

A good advert motivates the customer to take positive action in favor of a brand or idea. In today’s world, customers face a barrage of adverts across many devices. They also forget the adverts faster than the flicker of their computer screens. Customers cannot act on a brand or idea if they forget! How can we achieve brand differentiation, increase customer loyalty, and sustain customer interest? How can we make our brand memorable? The right answer to these questions lies in neuroscience.


Why Do Customers Forget?

Customers forget because of the way human memory is wired. The human memory is an interactive system comprising of three branches – the sensory register, the short and the long-term store. The first branch- the sensory register – has a lifespan less than half a second. The sensory register explains how people forget an advert immediately after they have seen it.

The second branch is the short-term store. The short-term store is the working memory or attention span. Neuroscientists put its lifespan at between 15 and 30 seconds. Based on studies conducted by Microsoft, the attention span of the average person is 8 seconds or less than that of a gold fish! The limitations of the attention span explains why people often forget an advert in a few seconds after they see it.

The third branch of memory – the long-term store – is memory that lasts forever. It is permanent memory. It relies on connected sensual interactions to store things in memory. For example, the words you see on this page have an intrinsic auditory sound even if you do not read them aloud. You have a unique emotion or perception about this blog, even if you do not stop to think about it. The link between the audio-visual perception and the emotional connection reinforces a permanent record of the blog in memory. In other words, customers remember if you can establish a unique audio-visual and emotional link in their long-term memory!


Image of a goldfish - the attention span of the average person is less than that of a goldfish | Source: Kate Brady|CC BY 2.0 License| Fat GoldFish| Flickr 4198891563Image of a goldfish – the attention span of the average person is less than that of a goldfish


Can Mugs Help Customers To Remember?

Customers are more likely to remember a brand if they see it every time. If they remember the brand, they are more likely to buy its products!  In neuroscientific terms a Custom Branded Mug, is a sensory stimulus. It moulds the perception of the customer towards the brand. The customer does not have to use the mug. The customer can use the mug for coffee, tea, as a pencil holder or decorative souvenir . The customer can stow away the mug as a disused item at the corner of a backroom table.  In this regard, the frequency or pattern of use of the mug is irrelevant.
The mug acts as an associative positive stimulus that reinforces the brand. The customer remembers the brand each time he sees the mug. In comparison with pay-per-click advertising, the Branded Mug is like a click that keeps yielding leads long after the last flicker on the computer screen. The return on advertising is infinite. If you order your Custom Branded Mug from MUGCARD , your customers will remember and they will buy! Thank you.

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