My MUG Is NOT a mug!

My MUG has special meaning. My MUG is my loyal confidant, trustworthy friend, inspirational advisor, and unwavering guide. My MUG listens. It counsels me without bias. My MUG understands my personal flaws, deepest feelings, innermost thoughts, grand aspirations, and distinct identity. My MUG is the foremost record of my personal history, sentiment, attachment, or bequest. It is the personification my unique life experiences. My MUG is everything!

How many times have you summoned yourself to a private meeting alone with your mug? How many times have you meditated, reasoned, and pleaded with yourself? How many times have you inspired yourself to complete an important task or goal? How many times have you overcome mental block to unlock your inner creative talents? How many times have you wondered in the organic wilderness of your mind to find unusual calm in the still waters of the mug in your hand? How many times have you run fast and far in a second, to your secret happy place into the warm embrace of your mug occluded in a hole in a wall? How many times have you stood tall, inspired by the timeless wise words of sages printed on the face of your mug? If you have never had any of these experiences, you need your own MUG!

The tendency to have a personal attachment to your mug is an example of the Endowment Effect. The Nobel Prize winning economist – Thaler – conducted a series of social experiments to determine how people make rational decisions. In one experiment, researchers allowed the  participants  to trade their mugs for an item of equal value. The participants refused to accept greater than double the market price for their mugs. They attached a higher intrinsic value – or Endowment Effect – to the mugs they owned. The Telegraph cited research by Heinz Cup Soup stating, 6 out of every 10 people have an emotional attachment to their favorite mugs. Based on biomedical analysis, Wulliem and others concluded the color of a mug influences the taste of the coffee.

The foregoing confirms, A Mug is Not A MUG!  There is an inestimable personal value that we attach to the things we own! To sum it up, I wrote the following poem. I hope you enjoy it! Happy reading!



Warmth in freezing winter

Relief in hot summer

Architect of brilliance

Professor of opportunity

Key to unopened doors

Explorer of galactic eons

Tamer of tempestuous seas

Captain in uncharted streets

Inspirational and Magical

Transcendental and Exceptional

My MUG is not a mug

My MUG is everything!

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